Where are you based?

We are based in central Norwich at St George's Works on Colegate, but we sometimes operate from other labs around the country, depending on where our clients are.


Are you going to spam me?

Nope - we will only ever email you when we have a new study for you to apply to, so you don't have to worry about us filling up your inbox.


I have a disability, can I still apply?

The lab at St George's Works is wheelchair accessible and we're able to make arrangements for more specialist needs. If you're concerned or have questions, just let us know what you need. Sometimes we might do studies from other labs which we can't guarantee accessibility, but we will try to make this clear where possible.


Why have I never been invited to a study?

Sometimes we are looking for a very broad spectrum of participants, and other times we need to invite people who fit very specific criteria. We use the answers you give us in the sign-up survey to work out if you meet the criteria so it’s important you fill this out as fully and honestly as possible.


If I apply multiple times does this make it more likely I will be invited along?

No. There are usually limited places on each study (one person per timeslot). We select participants based on the answers given in the sign-up questionnaire, so if you apply lots of times we would be unable to issue an invitation.


When/how much do I get paid?

The amount varies depending on the type of study. We will usually specify whether you will be paid in cash, by BACS, or sometimes we have entries into a prize draw, but if you're ever unsure just get in touch. We make payments once you have attended the study (so if it's cash you will get this on the day!)


I have been to a study before but never been invited back. Why is this?

We always encourage people to apply, however, we need to ensure that participants do not become accustomed to certain tasks, or start comparing one study to another. We need to eliminate as much bias and influence as possible so you'll generally find that you won’t be invited to a study more than once every 3-6 months. There are always exceptions though.


I have booked a slot but I can’t make it anymore. What do I do?

We fully understand that schedules change so don’t worry if you can’t come! We just ask that you let us let us know as soon as possible so that we can arrange a replacement as we usually only book one person per slot. Please be aware that if you don’t cancel your slot in advance and then don’t show up, this may decrease the likelihood of you being invited to future studies.


What happens once I've applied for a study?

When we offer a new research study, we'll send you an email to let you know. You can also check out your dashboard to see what studies are available.

It only takes a minute to apply for each study. We'll ask a few questions about you, and then we'll review your details. If you are eligible for the research then we'll get in touch to let you know, and you can book your place on the study.


I've been approved! How do I book a space on a study?

Congratulations! This means you are the perfect person for our research and we really want to hear from you.

Each study has a number of appointments available, which can book up pretty quickly. To book a space, just select the time slot that works for you and we'll send you all the information you need, like where you need to go, and what you need to bring with you. Generally, you don't need to bring anything at all - just some ID in case we need to see it.


I'm a 'backup' - what does this mean?

If our studies are oversubscribed, but you're still interested in coming along to the study, we keep you on a list so that if we have a late cancellation, we can give you a call to see if you can come along. If it's not convenient then you can ask to be removed from the list - just send us an email or give us a call.


What if I don't turn up to my appointment?

Of course, if something happens and you're unable to make it, then just let us know as soon as you can so we can offer your place on the study to somebody else who can make it.

If you don't turn up to your slot though, we are less likely to offer you a position on a study in the future - so try and make it if you can, or at least give us a call to tell us you can't make it.


I've been told I'm not eligible for a study. Why not?

In each study, we need people from different walks of life to join us. Sometimes we need to speak to people who come from different areas of the country, work in different jobs, or are older or younger.

We appreciate each and every application for our studies and hopefully, we'll find you something that you'll enjoy very soon. Keep those applications coming in, and make sure you've filled in your profile too so we can offer things that'll be of interest to you.


I don't want to be part of LAB anymore, can I delete my account?

We want you to be in control of your data, so if you want to be removed from LAB just send an email over to testers@labapp.co.uk with your name and the e-mail address you signed up with or give us a call on 01603 856 444 and we will delete your account.