Plan your user research with ease

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Designed for UX teams & freelancers

LAB has been built from the ground up by usability and user research specialists The User Story, to help UX teams of any size to plan and manage user research.

Specifically designed for usability testing, but applicable to any session-based research, LAB makes it easy to find and screen test users, arrange study sessions, and pay participants.

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The whole research process, in one tool

Built by a UX team, for UX teams. It's the ultimate tool for managing usability, user interviews, and any other planned research studies

Planning your usability study session

Plan your study sessions

Pick your demographics, generate test plans, and produce all the observer and moderator notes you need.

Screening your test participants for demographics

Screen your applicants

Have your applicants apply for your study, and gather screening information. We'll automatically tell you if they fit your demographic requirements.

Recruit extra participants for your UX research

Recruit from our pool

If you're low on participants for your study, add some participants from our pool. We'll only send you applicants that fit your demographic requirements.

Test users can book their own study sessions

Test users book themselves in

Participants use our simple booking system to find a session, and they automatically get all the info they need.

Paying incentives to your UX testers is easy with LAB

Pay incentives online

If handling cash is a particular problem for your business, we can take care of that too. Pay your participants automatically once they've attended their research session.

Service and support as much as you need it

We're there every step

If you get stuck or need help, we're only an email, live chat or phonecall away. We can even help you plan your research.

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